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  • What is your turn around time?
    It depends on the time of year and how busy our factory is at that time. At best we have done a 2 week turnaround. On average its at about 3-4 weeks and at its longest its 5-6 weeks. This starts from when the design as been approved and complete order placed. Please contact us to find out what our current turnaround time is.
  • What is your minimum order quantity?
    The simple answer is there isn't one. But to avoid small order charges, you would need to order 6 or more.
  • How does the design process work? what do you need from me?
    Depending on the customer really. Sometimes we have people who know exactly what they want, and come to us with logos and designs ready. Other times customers aren’t so sure. Ideally for us to get a good starting point for your design we would need info on the following. Either an existing logo or a brief on what you would like as your logo. Colour Scheme. An idea of whether you would like a less is more approach or a more complex design. At this point in the process there aren’t really any silly questions. And the more images and info you can send us the better really. Although sometimes a blank canvas can be fun, its more of a shot in the dark for the designer and can be a more lengthy process.
  • When do I pay for the order, before or after?"
    Full payment is needed before order can be shipped out from the factory. 50% is needed upfront.
  • Can you make one off jerseys?
    Yes, but only if you already have a team order with us. We do not offer one off designs to clients, unless they wish to pay for it.
  • Do I pay anything for the designs
    Not if you are ordering 6 or more items with us. If you do not wish to order through us, but want a design, a price for this can be negotiated.
  • Can i use your designs elsewhere?
    No, our designs are copyrighted and must only be printed by us. Unless design is bought or/and permission is given
  • Can you create us a new logo?
    Yes, infact we specialise in this field. If all you require is a logo and nothing else. Please contact us regarding a price and breif.
  • What materials do you offer?
    Currently we are only using the one. It seems to tick all boxes, as it is light weight, very durable and very breathable. Please ask for a sample if you're not sure.
  • What is so special about the Dangl pants?
    We have integrated two elastic rings into each leg. One below the knee cap and one just above the ankle. These act as support and a possible tape substitute. They give the player a much more fitted and controlled feel, similar to that of an ice hockey sock. Add that to an already lightweight and comfortable pant and you have a product that is a joy to skate in. Please view Pants on our product page for more details. The pants can be made without this feature, how ever it has no effect on the price.
  • Are you able to match a colour?
    Yes if you are able to supply us with either a jersey or reliable photos then yes we can match pretty much any colour.
  • What do you do with faulty items?
    If the fault lies with us, then we will do everything we can to sort the problem out asap. This would usually involve getting the item/s remade and swapping them with the faulty one/s.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    The short and honest answer is no. But if the order is 25+ we can start to look at changing the unit price.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! Shipping costs vary on the weight of the order, but we have an account with couriers that ship worldwide so this is not a problem. We have also designed for teams all over the world.
  • Where are you based?
    In England, UK.
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