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The Dangl Productions signature series is a collaboration project between us and some of the best players in the game. To create a jersey that is unique and personal to them. These Jerseys will be on sale for a limited run, and profits shared with that player.

When I thought of starting this project, Junior was an easy 1st choice!

As a kid growing up my dream team to play for was AKS Empire 88's, (this was also my birth year) and the stand out player on that team was always number 79, Junior Cadiz.


Anyone who's familiar with Junior as a player will know he is the definition of a game changer, a joy to watch. One of them players that makes you fall in love with the sport even more. 


Off the rink he's Incredibly humble, very kind, and a fantastic role model for any young kid playing the sport. I've been lucky enough to get to know Junior well over the last few years. So like I said, this was an easy choice to make.

Speaking with Junior about a potential logo for his jersey. His nick name Jalapeño seemed the perfect place to start. Add in his famous moustache, a black eye for good measure, and you have yourself an awesome looking logo!

Having both Spanish and Puerto Rican ancestry, I wanted to include something from both cultures.

In the grey we have symbols from the

Taino indian tribe, native to Puerto Rico.

And in the red, a Spanish textile type pattern.


The colour scheme is from the Puerto Rican flag. 

Below you will see the finished product, followed by a short written interview with Junior.

Junior has kindly asked for his profits to go towards relief aid in Puerto Rico, following the tragic aftermath of hurricane Maria.


Q - Whats the story behind your number?

A - So I was 96 growing up for the longest time. Pavel Bure was my favourite player growing up, so that was an easy choice for me. I stopped playing hockey for a year and just decided to go with another number. So I took the last number i had when playing ice, which was 7, and joined it with my very first number I ever had, which was 9. Kinda lame, but I liked it because it wasn't a popular number.

Q - Favourite NHL Jersey

A - This is tough, I'm a big fan of simple jerseys. So the vintage Boston and Detroit jerseys have got to be some of my top choices.

Q - Favourite roller jersey

A - Super biased here, our AKS jerseys growing up I always loved.

Q - You can go for a beer with any 3 people (living or dead) who do you choose and why?

A - Another tough question, but I think I'm gonna have to go with my favourite athletes in Messi, Kobe and Serena Williams. Quite the diverse thirsty Thursday.

On sale now

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